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Fepang Protection Group Officers have been recognized for exemplary service, individual growth and a commitment to the surrounding community. Fepang Protection Group’s awards and those of their officers and staff are listed in this section.


Employer Support for the Guard & Reserve “Excellence Award”

West Rand Bronze Certification

Department of Labour “Champions of Disability Employment”


Fepang Protection Group

Mr. Petrus Chauke, Senior Executives of Fepang Protection, was awarded the Discovery Chamber of Commerce’s Outstanding New Business of the Year Award for 2015 in recognition of their “Outstanding Professionalism and Advocacy for basic human rights of safety and security.”

Fepang Protection Group

Fepang Protection Group was awarded the Western Suburbs Quarterly business award for the most promising business venture. This award category is aimed at new business ventures that display exceptional potential to succeed in the challenging business environment of the western suburbs.

Fepang Protection Group

Fepang Protection Technical Manager was awarded the Deseret Education Distinguished Entrepreneurial Award for his work on his master’s thesis in Entrepreneurship and Innovation entitled “The power of SME in today’s economy”.


Review by Adam Duncan


Often the most important part of any business is the first impression. For customers, it starts in various places. The parking lot, the website, and perhaps the reputation of the business can be something that initially attracts a buyer and puts him at ease. Often overlooked as an opportunity for a first impression is the security staff. A well-mannered, articulate, and courteous security guard is commonly the first one to greet a prospective customer. This is a fact that Fepang Protection takes to the bank. Fepang Protection officers and members, based out of the peaceful western suburbs have been providing security personnel to businesses and events collectively for over 15 years. “We provide one service; uniformed, unarmed and armed security officers.” Says Douglas Bray, Technical Manager. “Over the years we’ve had all the types of service within our industry. Now we have identified our strengths and are focusing on those.” Fepang Protection has identified its target market and is very comfortable with its niche. The company services businesses, banks, office buildings, manufacturers, distribution locations and other professional places according to Bray. It would service apartment complexes, fast food restaurants and even nightclub locations. With a large contingent of security guards, Fepang Protection focuses on putting the right person in the right place. “Our biggest concern is making sure we don’t place a square peg into a round hole,” says Bray “We have to match personalities with their locations.” Another area of opportunity for the company is its training. Fepang Protection offers in-depth training across 12 different skill sets, including fire safety, vehicle protocol safety, crime scene management and professionalism, according to the company’s website. Most of Fepang employees find this training to be a refresher from past careers. “Most of our people have former security experience.” explains Bray. Continuity for employees and their value-provided services has driven the company’s growth. “Our market is not immune to good or bad economies, and we might lose a few customers, but we have found value is the way to ride it out.” Says Bray. “We’ve found that value is the way we are able to be stable, because by being a value provider we are in control of all situations.”

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