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Over 15 years of experience in the security sector

Fepang Protection Group is a Professional Security Company that was established in 2015 by professionally trained, experienced and qualified director Mr. Petros Chauke.  The company aim to build a more safe and secure environment to live in. We are strongly against any form of corruption and we respect local practices and customs in the countries that we operate in. Integrity, Honesty, Truth, Trust and Reliability is part of the core makeup and values of our firm and its partners. Fepang Protection Group aims not only to deliver the highest and expert services to our clients but also to unceasingly improve the quality of our services. The company is driven by experienced directors who pursue job creation and empowerment by encouraging equal opportunity employment regardless or religion, race, or gender. We go beyond our client’s expectations by adhering to our strengths, best service, professionalism, experience, technical ability and reliability.

Fepang Protection Group offers professional security services in surveillance, guarding, armed guard, retail, and forensic investigation (information management, fraud detection and fraud investigation). The company offers the services to commercial office buildings, corporate headquarters, and high value private clients, distribution centres, manufacturing facilities, residential towers, schools & universities (campus security officers), city, and provincial & national government contracts. Our Executive and senior managers have vast experience in guarding, event management and security, advanced electronic security, personal protection and training. We strive to adhere to principles of good management and best practice. We hire only well trained staff and all our staff go  through constant training.


We aim to minimize crime in communities, build strategic networks and relationship with various stakeholders, and promote integrated delivery of all security needs in our communities. We aim to encourage society to fight for a crime free community and to create employment in our country through economic empowerment.


Fepang Protection Group envisions being a well-recognized household name that is trusted as the expert company known for putting communities and clients safety first. We want to be a company with a 100% success record in providing security services. Giving back through employment and education as well as building a safer society to live in are some ways we want to give back.


We are aware of the high rate of unemployment in our country. We also believe that Government alone cannot find sustainable solutions to this problem without the help of the businesses and the community at large. Our company will create thousands of jobs for young people and will design an ongoing training programme.


Fepang Protection Group directors have been both serving in the security industry for decades. They are committed not only apply the experience acquired but also correct the mistakes they noticed in the industry in order to provide the clients with services out of the ordinary by exceeding their expectations. 



Fepang team operates in one spirit with a common goal: to offer only the Best service.


Success is our duty and obligation; and success to us means to ensure the safety and protection of civil and business communities with the highest level of integrity. Success to us means our clients going to bed every day knowing they are safe and so are their assets. Success to us means closing each chapter of the day knowing we have kept people safe and their belongings and knowing we have given our clients a piece of mind.



We hire only well trained staff and all our staff go through constant training. We inform and educate our staff of any newly existing security threats and skill them


Petrus Chauke

Keneilwe Mashigo
Operations Manager

Douglas Bray
Technical manager


Fepang Protection Group is a well-managed technically in respect of the rule of the Law:

  • All material an equipment are SABS approved
  • We will subscribe to an insurance policy as soon as possible
  • We have put in place an bookkeeping system
  • We have qualified and experienced accountant in place
  • We choose our staff carefully making sure each worker is well qualified in his field
  • We strictly respect the labour law


Fepang Protection Group

Mr. Petrus Chauke, Senior Executives of Fepang Protection, was awarded the Discovery Chamber of Commerce’s Outstanding New Business of the Year Award for 2015 in recognition of their “Outstanding Professionalism and Advocacy for basic human rights of safety and security.”

Fepang Protection Group

Fepang Protection Group was awarded the Western Suburbs Quarterly business award for the most promising business venture. This award category is aimed at new business ventures that display exceptional potential to succeed in the challenging business environment of the western suburbs.

Fepang Protection Group

Fepang Protection Technical Manager was awarded the Deseret Education Distinguished Entrepreneurial Award for his work on his master’s thesis in Entrepreneurship and Innovation entitled “The power of SME in today’s economy”.

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